FishServe is the trading name of a privately owned company called Commercial Fisheries Services (CFS). CFS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seafood New Zealand (SNZ). FishServe provides administrative services to the New Zealand commercial fishing industry to support the 1996 Fisheries Act.

Our Services

Contracted & Devolved Services

Allocation of new species into the QMS
Collection of Revenue on behalf of the Crown
Fishing Permit issue
Management of Permit & Vessel Registers
Management of ACE & Quota Share Registers
Processing of Fishing Returns
Registration of ACE Transfers
Registration of Caveats & Mortgages over Quota Shares
Registration of Quota Share Transfers
Vessel & Geospatial Position Reporting device Registrations
Data Collection for Electronic Reporting
Data Collection for Electronic Reporting
Geospatial Position Reporting device Registrations

Contracted services are services that FishServe has a contract with the Ministry for Primary Industries to deliver. The Crown maintains responsibility for these services, but does not need to deliver the services themselves.

Devolved services are services that the Crown has determined it does not need to be responsible for. The Minister has the authority to approve an approved service delivery organisation (ASDO) to deliver these services. FishServe has been appointed as the ASDO and is accountable for these services.

Our Relationships

FishServe’s relationship with the commercial fishing industry is illustrated in the following diagram:

Seafood New Zealand

Seafood New Zealand works closely with the seafood industry primarily through five sector-specific entities: Aquaculture New Zealand, Deepwater Group, Fisheries Inshore NZ, NZ Rock Lobster Industry Council, and Paua Industry Council.  It has a focus on key strategic initiatives and promotes sustainable, nutritious and responsibly-caught seafood.

FishServe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seafood New Zealand

Seafood Innovations Ltd

Seafood Innovations Ltd (SIL) is a subsidiary of Seafood New Zealand. SIL was established to encourage and provide funding support for research and development within the seafood industry, with the aim of adding value to the sector.

FishServe Innovations New Zealand

FishServe Innovations New Zealand (FINNZ), established in 2003, is an IT services company owned by FishServe. FINNZ provides a blend of business analysis, software development and business-process-outsourcing services to organisations operating in the public sector For more information about FINNZ please click here.

Ministry for Primary Industries

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is tasked with maximising export opportunities for New Zealand's primary industries, improving sector productivity, increasing sustainability of resources, and protecting New Zealand from biological risk. 

FishServe provides both contracted and devolved services from MPI to the fishing industry.

Maritime NZ

Maritime NZ is the national regulatory, compliance and response agency for the safety, security and environmental protection of coastal and inland waterways. They are governed by a five-member board appointed by the Minister of Transport under the Maritime Transport Act 1994. 

FishServe uses Maritime NZ services to confirm MSA numbers for vessel registrations and shares information with Maritime NZ via the commercial fishing vessel register.

Seafood Industry

FishServe provides administrative services to the New Zealand commercial fishing industry. FishServe clients are the entities involved in the industry including vessel owners, fishing companies, owner/operator fishers, Quota owners, Te Ohu Kaimoana and Iwi. 

Stakeholder Representative Entities (SREs)

Stakeholder Representative Entities are sector based organisations that represent and manage the specific affairs of a particular species. There are five main sector organisations:

  • Aquaculture New Zealand
  • Deepwater Group Limited
  • NZ Rock Lobster Industry Council Ltd
  • Paua Industry Council Ltd
  • Fisheries Inshore New Zealand

FishServe provides company administrative services to SREs along with some value-add services such as ACE shelving, sub-area reporting and data collection.

Commercial Stakeholder Organisations (CSOs)

Commercial Stakeholder Organisations (CSOs) are companies or associations owned by rights-holders that represent the interests of those rights-holders. In effect, this means CSOs can represent and manage the specific affairs of a particular fishery, a geographic area, a specific fish stock or a group of stocks. 

FishServe provides company administrative services to CSOs.

Other Industry Organisations

There are a number of other industry organisations that represent various fishing entities, such as;

  • New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen
  • New Zealand Fishing Industry Association

FishServe provides company administrative services to these other industry organisations. 

FishServe EXTRA

FishServe EXTRA provides services to sector groups within the commercial fishing industry. We're committed to working in partnership with your stakeholder organisation to provide the best solution, customised for your organisation.

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Our Management Team

Management Team
Lesley Campbell

Lesley Campbell / Chief Executive

Lesley has over 20 years experience working in the commercial seafood sector and in particular the administration of the Quota Management System. She has been the Chief Executive of FishServe since it began providing operational services in 1999. Prior to her role as CE she was a member of the senior management team of the Ministry of Fisheries, and was a leader in strategic development and implementation of the legislation, organisation, and systems changes associated with the Fisheries Act 1996 and the establishment of FishServe.

As CE, Lesley is accountable for the quality and efficiency of the services provided by FishServe and aims to ensure the industry can go about its business with as little complication from their statutory obligations as possible.

Wayne Lowther

Wayne Lowther / General Manager Client Services

Wayne has had extensive experience in working within Fisheries. In particular, Wayne has a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the intricacies of administering the Quota Management System.

Wayne is responsible for the operational services provided to our clients and administering the systems and processes required under the Fisheries Act 1996.

One of Wayne’s strengths is his ability to understand administrative processes, and the needs of the users and providers of information. This strength coupled with Wayne’s extensive knowledge of the dynamics of industry interactions enables him to be highly responsive and client focused.

Mark Jones

Mark Jones / General Manager FINNZ

Mark is the General Manager of FishServe’s subsidiary business development company, FishServe Innovations New Zealand Limited (FINNZ). Prior to this role, Mark had 8 years managerial experience within government agencies in both project and service delivery areas.

FINNZ was established for the purpose of undertaking consultancy and software development services for clients outside of the NZ seafood sector, to return revenue to FishServe as a means to offset the cost of FishServe’s core statutory services to the industry. Under Mark’s leadership FINNZ has been a major contributor to FishServe’s ability to halve the cost of its services.

John Tucker

John Tucker / Programme Manager

John is a manager with diverse technical experience in infrastructure, operations and strategic planning, who has worked for a range of companies based in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In his time with FishServe he has had a number of senior roles in IT, which have involved him across the Seafood NZ group. His current primary responsibility is the management of FishServe’s new system development project (Kupe) which is due for completion in mid-2016. In addition, John has oversight of the development team which provides systems and process solutions to industry groups wanting to develop tools for fisheries management initiatives.

As well as his technical capabilities John is skilled in the area of agile project management and is focused on the delivery of on time, on budget projects.

Tony Bowler

Tony Bowler / Group Finance Manager

Tony’s breadth of responsibilities extends beyond FishServe, as in his role of Group Finance Manager he is responsible for the accounting and administrative functions of all companies within the Seafood NZ group. Additionally, his Shared Services team undertakes a range of accounting services for other industry related organisations such as SREs and CSOs.

Tony understands that accounting is more than just numbers and he is an active participant in the group’s strategic initiatives and implementation.

Lynda Amitrano

Lynda Amitrano / General Manager Operations

Lynda brings a wealth of experience to FishServe, having previously spent 20 years in the building and construction sector.

In her former roles, she diligently led teams to deliver projects to meet the dynamic, changing needs of the industry - in both research and commercial capacities. Such projects included the implementation and delivery of product evaluation services that supported manufacturers in showing compliance of their products. She developed extensive experience in creating and maintaining successful relationships between clients, industry stakeholders and the regulator.

Jonathan Brown / IT Operations Manager

Jonathan’s responsibility is the effective management of FishServe’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) team. As well as strategic planning, encouraging innovation and efficient use of technology is key to the success of this team.

Relationship building is a key strength of Johnathan’s who enjoys working closely with FishServe partners, suppliers and customers ensuring satisfaction is achieved and supported with clear communication.

Our People

We recognise that the greatest asset of a business are its people. FishServe offers an environment which allows people to grow and develop. Our strength is in the ability to quickly and effectively adapt to change, whilst always striving towards doing things smarter and better.

Meet a few members of our 50 person team.

Karishma Goundar

Karishma Kumar / Business Analyst

FishServe has given me the opportunity to grow and broaden my skills as a Business Analyst. Everyone here is always sharing their knowledge and supporting each other. It is great working with such a versatile bunch of people.

Colleen Hammerich

Colleen Hammerich / Business Process Coordinator

I've just returned to FishServe after 12 years and it has been great to become a part of the exciting new changes in the industry since I've been away. I am looking forward to the opportunities FishServe offers to extend myself and grow in my career.

Halson Moses

Halson Moses / Application Programmer

I enjoy working at FishServe as they focus on creating a fun, relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere. For me, it makes a huge difference turning up to work each morning and be greeted by warm friendly faces, and being immersed in a pleasant surrounding.

Hayley Camp

Hayley Camp / Business Analyst

FishServe was the best place to start my first full-time job, I have been given so many opportunities to better myself and there is always something new to learn and work on with never-ending support from my colleagues.